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Our team shares a set of values, interests and high standards...

Our team is all about helping clients do the difficult stuff brilliantly well - working through ambiguity and complexity to deliver real, impactful and positive change.

Though each member of our team brings their own, distinctive experience and expertise, we share a passion for helping clients transform their businesses for the better.

In addition to our core team, we work with a wide network of associates - individuals and organisations - to resource individual projects. 


That flexibility means we can put together the expert team required to 'handle it'.

Matt Hamnett

Founder and Managing Director

“I’m an astute strategist with the commercial and operational experience required to deliver transformational change and bottom-line performance improvement.

I’ve worked at senior levels in Whitehall, the wider public
and private sectors - and have learnt that my ability to translate the genuinely strategic into the deeply practical is my differentiating capability.

I inject purpose and pace into everything I work on – cutting through the noise, focussing on the things that matter and helping others do the same.”

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Kate McAleenan

Principal Consultant, Strategy

“I’m a creative, insightful strategist with particular expertise in the public sector having worked as a Whitehall civil servant for 11 years in a range of policy maker and implementation roles.

During my civil service career, I served as Private Secretary
to two Secretaries of State and led work on a range of different education, innovation and export policy initiatives.

I bring creativity, critical thinking and a strong eye for communications to everything I do.”

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Steve Lazenby

Managing Consultant, People / HR

“I am a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD with over 20 years’
experience as a generalist practitioner and then HRD –
typically working in tough sector environments.

I now spend most of my time helping clients design and deliver transformational change programmes which enable them to unlock new levels of performance or seize new market opportunities.

In doing that, I think a lot about purpose, people and culture; and often help clients manage complex HR cases associated with business change.”

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Nicola Coulson

Project Manager

“I’m an experienced, efficient project coordinator who knows how to keep pieces of work moving along their critical path.

I worked in big four consulting before stepping out to work
directly with senior-level clients on a wide variety of  coordination and project management assignments.

I bring focus, discipline and energy to all my client work.”

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Our associate network

We draw on what is a wide network of trusted colleagues
and partner organisations to help us fulfill our clients’ whole requirement.

We only work with colleagues who share our values and high standards i.e. people we and our clients can trust to deliver.

Our network includes both colleagues who complement our expertise in strategy, transformation, people / HR and crisis management – and a wider group on which we call to help us fulfill the breadth of a given requirement including e.g. creatives, legal and other professional advisors, analysts and tech experts.