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We work with clients across four related areas of MH+A expertise...

MH+A helps clients in the public and private sectors to make big changes that will help them deliver better outcomes.

We love getting involved at the strategy-setting stage, and we're really comfortable that we can run with the best of them on strategy projects.

What differentiates us, we think, is our ability to help clients translate strategy into action through our expertise in transformational change and people / HR.

Given the jobs we've had and projects we've done, we're also great people to have on your side when you're managing tricky situations or out and out crises.

Strategy is about big, difficult decisions for the long term...

The term 'strategy' is wildly over used.  Strategy isn't about how you deliver this year's business plan or develop a new client proposition.

Strategy is about the really big, difficult and long-term trade-off decisions that will define what your business is about.

We love working with clients to help them assess their market, their purpose, values and vision - and how you can make them a reality.

Check out our strategy proposition here, or drop Kate a line if you'd like to chat about your organisation's long-term future.

Clarity of purpose is critical to successful transformation...

Most transformations fail.  We help clients make changes that work.

That means establishing clarity of purpose, aligning your change effort with your overall strategy.  It means engaging staff in the definition and delivery of the change.  And it means investing in real programme management.

We love to work with clients to define transformation programmes - and to help lead delivery of them.

Check out our transformational change proposition here, or drop Matt a line if you'd like to chat about making change happen.

We believe in the power of people to make change...

In our experience, talented, engaged and motivated people are as close to a silver bullet as it gets in real life. 


Few organisations get there - but we know from experience that it is attainable.

We love working with clients to design future organisational structures and models; think about how they engage,  reward and retain their people; transform their HR functions, policies and processes; and, commission great learning programmes.

Check out our people proposition here, or drop Steve a line if you'd like to chat about people and HR.

Crisis management is about acting quickly but calmly...

It's inevitable that, however well-managed your organisation, things can go wrong; badly wrong.


In our experience, managing tricky situations is about staying clam, very quickly assessing the situation and the options open to you - and taking clinical, decisive action.

We've got the experience, breadth of experience and associate contacts required to help clients manage a crisis, protect the organisation, its people and reputation.

Check out our crisis management proposition here, or drop Matt a line if you need our help right now!